Sloane Amplification Warranty 

Five (5) year limited warranty, which covers any repairs required to bring the unit back to its original stock condition. It excludes freight to or from. It does not include circuit updates, product feature upgrades, or modifications. All tubes, tube sockets, and speakers are specifically exempted from the five (5) year limited warranty and are limited to a ninety (90) day warranty.

The warranty is limited to restoring the unit to the original product specifications at the time of manufacture. This warranty excludes abuse, cosmetics, physical damage (such as liquids), shipping damage, damage cause by improper speaker connections or loads, or attempted repairs by anyone other than an authorized service facility or technician authorized by Sloane Amplification. 

Repairs under warranty are based on the sole discretion of Sloane Amplification. We reserve the right to suspend a warranty, not service any unit which, in our opinion, has been abused, modified, or improperly serviced by unauthorized personnel. The warranty is transferable, however a copy of the bill of sale must be provided.