10 Watt High Gain Single Ended Class A Head


  • 1 EL 34 Power Tubes
  • 3 12AX7 Pre-amp Tubes
  • Class A Single Ended Operation With An Adjustable Cathode Bias
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • Heyboer Transformers (Made In USA)
  • Gain I, Gain II, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume, Rhythm/Lead Switch Controls
  • 4,8, &16 Ohm Speaker Connects
  • Tube Driven Series Effects Loop with Bypass Switch
  • Rear Panel Locking Bias Pot
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Chassis
  • White or Black DuraTex™ Coated 13 Ply Baltic Birch Plywood Cab
  • All Hand Wired and Hand Built.